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What's the Best Way to Structure Your Corporate Learning Programs?


When building a corporate learning program, there are several factors companies must consider when choosing how to structure the overall process and implementation of online learning. Each of these factors plays a role in the overall effectiveness of your employee training program. 


Creating an online learning platform is an investment without a doubt. And as you decide what you want to incorporate into the platform, it's essential to consider your needs for the present moment and beyond. 

Consider how your corporation may want its platform to scale in the future. One of the great benefits of building a well-structured digital learning platform is having the ability to add additional features, programs, or upgrades to the platform as your company grows. 


What are your needs as an organization? What's the goal of your training program? If your corporation is looking to train multiple departments, you'll need to set different curriculums and structures based on the need of that department. 

Your sales team may not need the same thing as your HR team; therefore, building a personalized learning experience for each position aids in overall improvement within the workplace. Involve your employees in the process and ask them what types of training they're interested in or where they feel they need improvement or clarification. By building a personal learning experience for your employees, you can improve learning engagement and interest in your corporate training programs. 


How can you expect any learning and development training solution to function correctly if the right people don't have access to the training materials or program? So a big part of building a digital ecosystem is ensuring that your digital solutions can be accessed and available to all of those who need them. 


Of course, we can't talk about building an online learning solution without considering the importance of cybersecurity and protecting private information. When creating a learning experience, your employees need to understand the importance of protecting the data and private information of clients and partners. We have made our Content Lab courses available to educate employees on multiple subjects such as cybersecurity and private information. 

Content Creation

Creating different modules, exercises and activities is also a great way to aid in rapid transfer of learning for other corporate departments and positions. Creating content that encourages engagement and understanding and improves skills is fundamental when structuring learning programs. 

Amedia creates new and fresh content, whether daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the needs of your corporation. We aim to continuously develop fresh training content by researching and planning with our clients while assessing their training goals to produce the desired results.


In case you were wondering how segmentation works when it comes to learning and development, it includes breaking down content and courses into small bites to minimize learning burnout or the potential for employees to lose interest due to long sessions or a bombardment of information. 

When training your employees, especially those who are new, it may be overwhelming to consume all of the information in a short time. In addition, learning regulations and processes can become very complex and fast. That's why it's beneficial to break down your learning content so that all the information can be properly digested and understood by your employees.


Real-Time Reports

We have created a way in which organizations can assess and understand their training needs and employees by collecting real-time data and reports. This data can be anything from your team's course completion progress to what subjects your employees need more time grasping and understanding. By building out these reports, you can adjust your learning program to be more beneficial and effective for employee training. 


We have discussed previously that adding different forms of media to a learning environment can keep the interest of your employees during training. Therefore it's only intuitive to consider the addition of gamification to your learning structure. By adding gaming elements to your learning experience, you can provide a more effective and fun way for your employees to grasp and retain the information given to them. It also increases employee engagement and motivation, improves skills, and increases knowledge. 

Automatic Communication

When training any group of people, much communication is needed during the process. However, there is a more efficient way to communicate important information, deadlines, and training sessions besides the old-fashioned way. Through a digital platform, managers and leaders can share important information directly to the intended parties by automation. This cuts out the back and forth and saves everyone time. 


Let Amedia Help You Develop Your Learning Program 

Some of these factors may be more important to you than others. That's why it's essential to sit down and draw out a comprehensive learning plan to see which ways would be best for your company to execute your program.  

Amedia utilizes these important aspects when building learning solutions for corporations regardless of their training needs. We feel that these are fundamental subjects that all learning platforms should include in their structure and only bring value to the learning solution. If you want to improve your learning program structure, we'd be happy to be of service!