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Protection of Personal Data and Privacy

Protection of Personal Data and Privacy

The growth in usage of the internet has expanded exponentially in the last two years due to the need for innovative solutions to keep the flow of information, goods, and services going. And with more people than ever logging online to shop, pay bills and check their bank accounts, there's a greater need to protect and respect personal data and privacy.

Our article will discuss why it's essential for organizations to consider a cybersecurity training course and implement a digital learning platform to provide the tools and information necessary for their employees to protect their privacy.


Protecting Privacy is a Must 

At some point, you may have personally been a target of online scams or tactics used to gather your personal information. Unfortunately, you may have even fallen victim to personal data being either leaked by a third party or by a system breach within an organization or company. With that said the same can happen to businesses, their employees and customers' data.

Companies that take the initiative to understand the vulnerability of personal data and privacy online, can significantly reduce the number of instances in which information is leaked. They can also implement training for employees concerning cybersecurity, the threats and ways to protect information. If your staff is knowledgeable on the subject, they can be a great line of defense against information misuse.


Privacy is a Right Both Online and Off

You may be wondering, why is it so crucial for your organization to begin training your employees on cybersecurity? Organizations need to know that there are laws and regulations in place both nationally and internationally that companies must adhere to or be at risk of penalties such as hefty fines or even jail time for offending parties. 

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These regulations are put in place to protect the greater public's data and privacy. And to protect the data and information flow of the clients, employees, businesses, and other patrons who may provide their information to trusted individuals through the internet. 

There are laws governing what businesses can and can't do regarding data protection. For example, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was drafted and put into effect by the European Union. This is a considerable effort to protect the public from false, misleading, and unethical practices used to obtain or sell personal information.

This body of law covers data protection regulations for those working remotely as well as how organizations are allowed to access certain information and how it can be used. It also includes the types of technical measures that should be taken, such as end-to-end encryption and employee training. 


The Importance of Training Employees in Cybersecurity 

Part of the training in cybersecurity includes giving your employees the knowledge and tools they need to understand the importance of data privacy and the regulations they must abide by. 

Employees have access to all kinds of data on customers and clients, such as addresses, emails, and debit cards. This information, if misused or obtained in any way other than what the customer has approved, will create a breach of privacy and your customers become vulnerable to data misuse.

Those who obtain customer information can use it in various ways, for example taking out a loan, accessing funds from your bank, or using your address to open credit cards or other types of accounts.

The damage that can be done with someone's personal information can be detrimental to someone's circumstances and, in some cases, irreversible. Training your employees will reduce the risk of this happening in your organization and also give them an understanding of how they can protect their privacy online. 


Be Proactive

Building a secure environment and transparency around cybersecurity helps those who do business with your trust that you are taking the proper security measures to keep their information safe. 

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We've partnered with the Latin American Privacy Association and created an executive training course to improve employees' knowledge and understanding of cybersecurity. This course includes training material and exercises to educate employees and raise awareness around cybersecurity and data privacy.

Increased action can be taken by company executives and leaders to protect the privacy of their customers further and build a culture of security. These include backing up and encrypting files and creating firewalls to block malicious malware or attempts at hacking information. 


Ready to Train Your Employees?

Understanding the threats and potential areas for problems will give your company a better handle on lessening the danger of data breaches, loss, or misuse. It not only helps your company stay compliant with regulations, but it also helps you retain customers because they trust you with their information.

A knowledgeable and aware staff provides an even further benefit to your company's culture of security. To learn more about how Amedia creates and provides continual training content for corporate organizations, check out our Content Lab for details!