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Cybersecurity Concepts: What You Should Know

cybersecutiry concept

In the last few years, you may have noticed an uptick in companies and businesses speaking about cyber security and its importance to business security and success. With more of the world going online, potential threats and dangers to private information and data are more prevalent than ever. Therefore, more companies are taking the initiative to amp up their security knowledge and procedures, including training their staff and employees. 


What is Cyber Security?

Two-step authentication and encrypted networks are probably a couple of terms you are familiar with through various security measures offered by websites, social apps, and online stores. And in that regard, you already have a sense of what cyber security is. 

It's a way for people and businesses to protect their personal information that may be entered into forms, applications, and other means online and information that may be stored in digital networks and cloud storage. In addition, companies find that having proper cyber security protection aids as a defense against data breaches and vulnerabilities. 

There are different levels and types of cyber security. For example, there are security measures a company can put in place that aid in preventing cyber attacks or hacks into the company's customer data, such as firewalls, virus and malware protection, and securing company devices and computers. 


What are we protecting from?

We use our personal information online daily for various reasons, such as making online purchases or paying bills. Unfortunately, this means that your personal information is now placed in the hands of other vendors and third-party websites and companies. 

Your information now lies vulnerable to cyber attacks or cyber security breaches. Whether it's from your home computer or your company's filing or computer system, anyone's personal information it holds is at risk. 

hacker preapering a cyberattack

As long as you have a debit, credit, or even an e-wallet account, your personal information, such as an address, and bank account, can be obtained and misused by those looking to possibly steal your identity or sell the information to another party. So the concept of cyber security is to protect the public's privacy and sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.


Importance for Companies 

Companies that don't protect their data and networks from the threats of these breeches will find themselves experiencing them frequently and can be subject to heavy fines. For instance, not removing someone from your company newsletter email list when the person expressly asked, rather on a call or through email, can land you in hot water with regulating authorities such as the General Data Protection Regulation

It's highly important that your employees are knowledgeable and trained on security measures and implementation, rules, and regulations. As a business, you will have to comply with current laws and may even be audited by said authorities at random times. 


Why Cybersecurity Important to Employees 

Training your staff on the importance of cyber security and how to prevent it as much as possible can be beneficial for keeping your business, your customers, and employees safe from potential threats. 

It is an investment that every business should take action on and continuously teach implementation of data systems online and off as well as networks, identity protection, and infrastructure security. 

Training your staff to spot potential threats or issues is another level of security that is of great value. It also helps to protect your company's valuable information and keep your employees from potential scams and harmful solicitations that can lead to data misuse. 


How Amedia Can Help

Because there is a growing need and demand for cyber training courses and programs, we've created a structured training course aimed at corporate audiences and all types of seniority. This awareness program lets one know the main virtual scams and how to identify them to avoid falling victim to them.

employee training in cybersecurity

Our program is designed in short segments and activities that include material for the general public to improve security conditions and raise awareness of good practices.

We perform campaigns designed to show how people can fall for cyber scams. After the initial demonstration, we then go through training and afterward perform another campaign to show how effective the training was. This provides a company with an idea of how well our programs can help educate and prepare staff in cyber security. 

Cyber security is becoming more of a focus for companies worldwide. Especially during a time, we can connect with anyone from any side of the world in a blink of an eye. Therefore protecting company and customer privacy and data is of high importance. So, if you are looking for a technology partner to aid in training your staff, look no further than us!