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Benefits of Having a Learning Management System

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Automation and online learning platforms are becoming a part of many companies' newer approaches to handling their employee onboarding process and staff training. 

Learning management systems or LMSs are digital learning software that incorporates the many processes of employee learning. With these systems, you can automate things such as onboarding and course competition and provide more organization and insight to your training solutions.    

The Benefits of an LMS for Businesses

Of course, you may wonder what's in it for you and your company? One of the more significant benefits of integrating an LMS into your digital transformation strategy is the platform's ability to provide reporting.

#1 Learning Management System Reporting

Reporting and statistical insight are significant players in understanding if the processes you are implementing are doing more harm than good. Just about any online or digital tool offers data capture and reports to its users. And the same is done with the LMS reporting system. 

Learning management systems can provide analytics on progress in course completion, data for averages, and platform activity. Knowing and analyzing these reports can help a company better understand the direction they should take with their learning experience platform. 

#2 Keeps you in the Loop 

Knowing where everyone is in the training program or when particular deadlines are, is a massive help for hiring managers and onboarding in general. For example, a stack of forms and compliance courses may need to be completed when hiring new employees. And instead of constantly sending out emails for follow-up, you can simply look at the LMS reporting system and know where each employee is in the process and documentation. 

Benefits of having aLMS

#3 Saves Time

When we talk about automation or digital transformation tools, we are most likely talking about how we want to save time in any way we see possible. And to be honest, more processes can be shortened to be more efficient and effective. 

Instead of taking the time out of the day to hold meetings and training courses, you can use the online learning platform to assign coursework and tests to your employees. In addition, you can add due dates and set passing or failing benchmarks for your staff to adhere to.

#4 It's Cost-Effective

The more considerable benefit of implementing an LMS is its cost-effectiveness. For example, when looking to create or add a new learning platform, it can be integrated with other tools that your company utilizes, such as CRMs. This cuts the cost at the start as there is no need for special functions to be built for the platform to run. 

Due to the simple integrations and the need to continually improve your onboarding training solution, the platform is scalable and provides value as your company's needs and staff grow. Because the initial investment can be a significant cost, you want your buck to go a long way, and that is achieved by having a scalable option that doesn't require a complete overhaul when applying upgrades. 

An LMS reporting system is also cost-effective as it cuts administrative costs. Everything you need can be distributed through the platform, including tax forms, certifications, and employee data. This is a great way to organize and keep track of all the managerial tasks and information, saving money on office supplies and the overall cost of hiring and onboarding employees.

#5 Employee Retention 

We have learned through a global pandemic what employees are looking for and value in the places they choose to work. And because working from home put a fresh perspective on the forward-moving trends and future work conditions, companies had to address how to keep their best talent.

Now employees are demanding that companies take the time to invest in their career growth and development. That includes staff training and continued learning. According to a recent survey by LinkedIn, the top three reasons employees may take the time to learn are connected to their careers

This means that it's crucial now more than ever for companies to provide the opportunity, tools, and encouragement to help their employees gain the knowledge they need for career growth and development. And you can provide such an option with a learning content management platform.  

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